May 9, 2009

Comcast's RPattz How To Be Interview

Why so serious? Thanks, hiscrookedsmiles!



  1. I've seen this interview before and the same thought creeps up in my head as it did the first time I saw it; Please, someone find Rob a pillow and a blanket. He looks so exauhsted! It's almost like he was shooting for twelve hours on New Moon and had a last minute interview thrown at him. Poor guy.

  2. wait...did i already post this? i am losing my marbles. hehe.

  3. Whoops, sorry TCA - the How To Be site sent it out as an update - the region restrictions meant I can't watch it (it's a British movie people!!!) :/

  4. I saw this movie last night and wasn't quite prepared for how heartbreaking a few places were.

    It's a quirky, funny flick - - Art *is* an emotional drain on his 'friends' but he has also 'befriended' some selfish people. The mix isn't good for any of them. :)

    His parents are unbelievable and seeing them explains why he's so 'needy.'

    It's worth seeing - - funny but also sad in some parts. I giggled or laughed a number of times.

    One of my friends in our group watching said, "Robert Pattinson's life is just a series of bad coats."
    *This* was hilarious. :)

  5. I watched it two days ago and I absolutely loved it, I'm loving the dorky side of Rob =).


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