May 19, 2009

Comanche? Ro-bare is Looking for an Inspirational Leading Lady :-)

Sick of Cannes Pics yets? See more at Popsugar.

Variety talks about RPattz's crackling career and full slate of projects, including Remember Me, Bel Ami, and Unbound Captives:

The young thesp has a busy schedule: "Remember Me," which Summit Intl. is selling at Cannes, is set to begin lensing in four or five weeks, although the female lead is yet to be cast. "The girl needs to be literally inspirational," said Pattinson of a catalytical element of the film. To be directed by Allen Coulter, film was scripted by Jenny Lumet. "I have no qualms saying that she's a genius," Pattinson laughed, adding that the script really connected with him when he first read it -- even some of the dialogue sounded "the way I speak."

The role is not that different from Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series. "They're both about commitment," he said. Fans who worried that the next installment of "Twilight," "New Moon," won't feature as much Edward as the first film since the book does not, can rest assured: The actor will log screen time as Bella's "hallucinations," according to Pattinson.

The busy thesp is also excited about "Unbound Captives," which Madeleine Stowe directs from her script set in the American frontier of the mid-1800s. Pattinson likes a challenge, and "the script is almost entirely in Comanche," he said.

Read the entire article at Variety!


  1. I read the script and I think Minka Kelly would be great for the part in Remember Me

  2. Im sorry, but whats Comanche? I feel like a moron.

  3. Check your replies on twitter - LucyW

  4. Comanches are a tribe of Native Americans.
    Check this out for a brief summary:

  5. Emmy rossum!! She was wonderful in The Phantom of the opera, and very beautiful! Perfect for this role!

  6. Thankyou juju. I am a moron. Im part Suix, so I sd know that. Gah, my grandfather would kick my butt if he were alive. lol.

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