May 26, 2009

Ciao for now, Vancity! Italy Shooting Begins Today (*Spoilers Ahead*)

Sorry my posts are chronologically out of order, everybody! I'm backlogged on posts after being out of town for three days. Lainey Gossip has lots of pics of the final cast members leaving Vancouver on Friday, as well as pics of KStew & Chris Weitz on the Italy NM set and some details on the Italy New Moon shoot:
Shooting begins on Tuesday and the planned schedule is as follows:

First two days will focus on Bella trying to make her way through the throngs of festival revelers to reach Edward. She jumps in the fountain, wades through it, towards him. Of course she makes it in time at which point he pulls her into a building.

By the way – if you’re wondering, yes, they’ll be trying to include the “slamming” into his body.

When they reunite, Bella and Edward do kiss followed by the arrival of Jane and the others.

They’ll also film something from Alice’s perspective on these two days. She “sees” Edward sparkling in the sunlight.

Some the driving sequences will also go ahead on Tuesday and Wednesday, schedule permitting. .

On Thursday they’ll be jumping into a hole in the ground. This will likely be Robert Pattinson’s final day barring any major delays – heads up to you twi-hards who’ve made the journey.

Friday is more driving and Porsche work.

After that…a Twilight break. Until August.


  1. A. Ahhhh Taylor. You're so delish.
    B. That jacket looks great on KStew.
    C. Thanks for the recap TCA. You rock. I hope you had an awesome weekend.

  2. D. I love Ashley's gray and white sweater!

  3. I echo your sentiments on Taylor, Juju....Ahhhhh. Now that is something pleasant to see first thing in the morning.

  4. until AUGUST!!! oh my gosh. i dont think i can take it till august. all that time with nothing. nothing....... again. im going to explode/faint.
    i hope that a trailer is out b4 august. its the only way i wont die. lol

  5. i'm wondering. is that a kristen outfit or a bella outfit?

  6. bunbun81, unless Bella recently discovered her alter ego, trailer trash Bella, I highly doubt it. LOL! Even boring Bella has better taste then that.

  7. LOL kerri. trailer trash bella. i'm just wondering cause i didn't think kristen would dress like that. HOWEVER! i was thinking maybe bella was dressed like that when she did the cliff jump. know what i mean? i don't think she changes does she in the book? either way, its really a "strange" outfit choice. for either of them. :/

  8. I am pretty sure it is Kristen's outfit. No way will they have Bella looking like that. I love Kristen...but come on...some of her outfit choices. I realize she is still only 19 and this is why she dresses like my niece who is in high school, but she is a big star. Dakota is younger than her and has some style. Again, I think Kristen is great, but she needs to go on What Not To Wear....STACEY AND CLINTON...SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP!


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