May 28, 2009

Chris Weitz Salutes Fans, Banshees Greet RPattz, and Cast Members on Way to Set


  1. OK - just how cute is the freakin' director of this movie???

    And how nice are Charlie and Daniel??

  2. Awww, Charlie is such a sweetheart =)__

  3. WOW!!!Italian ppl is nothing compare to here in the USA!!!We got twilight saga , werewolves , vampires and many more fevers.I think that Charlie and Daniel are VERY nice , not nice FRIENDLY cuz they take time to take pics and autographs for fans and give them a piece of their time which not many ppl like them do.I also think Charlie (Demitri) is HOTTT!!! sorry not hottt SEXXYYY! And Daniel(Felix) .... he's okay , good looking but I think Charlie is MORE attractive and very sexy.Who agrees? with me?Im sorry im 12 and im a 7th grader !! and i just cant wait for New Moon anymore.


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