May 12, 2009

Bobby Long's London Gigs

Hiscrookedsmiles has videos and photos from Bobby Long's recent London gig. Check 'em out here.
On the first night he said "this is better than Nashville" when everyone was singing along - way to bring it on home, Bobby!
Thanks, lorabell! :-)


  1. How long did he even stay in Nashville? He shouldn't alienate a whole city when he's still new on the scene.

    P.S. London might be better than Nashville, but Nashville is my city and I'm damn proud of it.

  2. I love his voice... he has a song with Marcus Fostes named "crooked sky" is soo beautiful...

    I love him

  3. @ J.P. I'm sure he just meant the number of people singing along :)

  4. Yes I am postitive that is what he meant and Bobby is always amazed when people sing along.
    I am glad he had such a successful homecoming. We miss him over here on the other side of the dirty pond :)

  5. I don't care if that is what he meant or not I have a right to defend my city so we weren't singing along, big deal he needs to watch what he says he doesn't need to alienate a whole city.

  6. Hey Bobby....Nashville is great. I think your band and Rob should come back and give it another chance. Its a tough town and very cliquey...but once you get to know the people you will have a greater response next time. Please let me know and I will be there. I live near Nashville and I know some really interesting places that would appreciate your music. TLB

  7. Holy over-reaction, Batman!

    I'm 110% positive his meaning was that he was surprised it was "better than Nashville" - i.e. because Nashville was so great.

  8. Were you there Crooked Smiles? Did you go to the Nashville show? and it's not an overreaction Nashville gets a bad rap sometimes and we who grew up hear want to defend it. Sorry if you think it was an overreaction but it didn't look like that to me I'm sure it was taken out of context but still perception is reality.


  9. Oh no sorry I spelled here wrong ahhh!


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