May 30, 2009

Billy Burke Blows-off Romance Rumors and Mistakenly Thinks We'd Find RPattz's Goofinesss Less Appealing

Celebuzz dishes on Billy Burke, who calls B.S. on all those RobSten romance rumors to E!Online:

"As far as I know, I'm gonna say bulls--t," Billy Burke said at Melanie Segal's MTV Movie Awards gift suite. "I'm not buying it. Please!"

Interesting. Then again, when do dads (even movie ones) ever know what the kids are really up to?

Burke just returned from filming New Moon in Vancouver, where he and Rob sometimes grabbed drinks at local dive bars.

So what's R.Pattz like when the cameras aren't rolling?

"He's a goofball," Billy said about Rob's real personality. "If people knew how much of a goofball he was, they wouldn't be falling all over the place. He doesn't take it all too seriously."

I love Charlie...wonder why there were never any Charlie sightings in Vancity!


  1. I like Billy Burke he is an awesome actor but I also think his remarks about Rob are a little cold!
    So what if he's a goofball!!!
    I think most fans know he;s not your typical hollywood star type, and thank god for that. Persoanlly I find his quirkiness to be his most endearing quality and I hope he never changes!!!!

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  3. ok people stop posting this stupid blog billy burke dont know crap!!. He doesnt know what kristen and robert does in there free time. Im sick of people saying what they think and making a big deal of it. I believe the rumors its clear they like each other there all over one another, until i see kristen with her bf i will believe robert and kristen are together. I like bill burke as an actor but this story is crap and means nothing to us!!! so stop posting it please cause we dont know whether they are or arent. I bet one day we will get a picture of them making out and people who belive they are together will be like told you so.

  4. I believe the whole Rob/Kristen relationship is hopefull thinking on the side of the Fans. they have gotten so caught up with the story that they can separate fact from fiction.
    both Kristen and Rob have denied that they are together and almost all of the costar who have been aske about it have denied it also.
    But hey i think everyone should just stop speculating about it...NO ONE KNOWS WHATS UP! aside from Kristen and Rob.
    Unless they come out and say YES WE ARE TOGETHER and i see pictures of them making out I also say is Bullcrap.

  5. When you think about it, what would they have to lose if they were dating? It's not like they're married. Kristen's not even living with MA.

    I mentioned on another fan site that this could actually be an advantage to Summit Entertainment - a great marketing tool and free too!

    What better way to drum up some free PR and promotion than to have their two biggest romantic leads in their biggest picture, date?

    It would not surprise me in the least that it turned out Summit started the rumour to begin with.

  6. Though some of us may love to Rob and Kristen together in Hollywood they don't like to offend the fan base that thinks they have a shot at Rob and they really don't want to have female fans hating Kristen.
    That said I belive it when I see it or hear it from the two of them. And if Kristen is not Oregano anymore it doesn't automatically mean that she's with Rob! Some women can live without a man in their life for a period of time.
    I love there chemistry and I would love to see them becom a hot couple but lets leave it alone folks and let nature take it's course.

  7. ummmm.EXCUSE ME! Thats's not nice Billy Burke.RESPECT .Respect rob , so what if he's a goofball?He's one hot , sexyyy goofball that im love struck from.RESPECT rob .I dont think you would like if ppl said that your a VERY bad actor and that you shouldn't have a carrer anymore.You WARNED! i love 100,000,000,000,000,00,000,000,000,000,000,000 TIMES LOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE ROB! L-O-V-E R-O-B!!!!!!!

  8. You know I think he is a cool actor but he has been no where about them these last months except what....a week of filming. Why is this coming upset us???? Once things settle down to the truth that they have a thing for each other some cahoot comes out with a stupid statement what is it he working for Nikki or something?

  9. Love Billy Burke as an actor!! I don't think his comment was taken in the right context. Some of Rob's co-star's have said he is quirky, funny, all words for goofball. I think what Billy was trying to say was Rob doesn't take anything to serious. Which is what I like about Rob as an actor. Don't know him personally so can say what he's like as a person. Remember he is an actor playing a fictional character... I know I forget sometimes too. We all want to have that great love affair that makes us crazy..

  10. I was wondering where the heck Billy Burke's been!! I love that guy? He is right about Robsten. That is so silly. It's what the media wants so they can sell their mags and their stories. Economic Stimulus nonsense.

  11. I insist...they look weird when the are together! Every photo I see of Kristen and Rob she's blushing and acting flirtatious...She acts different when she's with her boyfriend. Maybe the cast is trying to stay out of it to prevent any kind of trouble with Summit...or maybe they're true good friends and nothing else and those gestures are part of my imagination!!! haha Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, the cast of Jumper, the cast of Slumdog...we can keep going on with the examples of actors who fall in love when they work together...only time will tell!

  12. I don't know what's going and neither does Billy Burke. The thing I didn't like is him saying people wouldn't be falling all over him because he is a goofball. That is one of things people like the most, sense when is having a sense of humor not attractive? I really really didn't like that statement.

  13. I'm with Heidi.
    Settle down folks.
    I'm sure Billy didn't mean any harm.


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