May 4, 2009

Best Kiss Nominee Complains That No Awards Are Deserved for Kissing RPattz

Hee hee, I may have to agree with Best Kiss contender, Tom Lennon, here. from

"I Love You, Man" co-star Tom Lennon isn't surprised that "Twilight" couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are up for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards, but frankly, he thinks his kiss with Paul Rudd is more deserving of the Golden Popcorn.

"Pattinson, Stewart — no doubt some great Frenching going on, and I respect that, but for level of difficulty, if this was the Olympics, kissing Robert Pattinson is like a three on the difficulty," Lennon told MTV News. "There's no trick to doing that. I don't know why you get awards for kissing Robert Pattinson. You're not going to find anybody down in Times Square that's gonna run up and wanna kiss me. Rudd did, and that's points for difficulty."


  1. Close but no cigar...BEST KISS EVER!!! Edward & Bella.

  2. I would totally give Robert more than a 3. many of us can actually run up to him and kiss him? He would run away or say some *insert dirty word* NO.

    Now this guy...appears it wouldn't be a problem.

  3. Nice try, he's so funny and one must agree it is easier to kiss Rob!

    A good kiss scene like Edward & Bella makes you believe...

  4. Can't offer this video for your region....well, that sucks.

  5. He's so right. It wouldn't be a problem to kiss Rob at all. If he were tied to a chair and I was able to beat away the 10,000 girls surrounding him.

  6. I have to give it to Rob. In Robs defense, he did have to pretend to make love to another man in Little Ashes. So lets give him this one for Edward and Bella...besides, Edwards teeth are venomous, he could bite Bella purely by accident.


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