May 15, 2009

Bella Bedroom Scenes Filmed Today & More RPattz B'Day Deets

Zoom in and check out Jamie's Volturi-esque eyes; love that Red-Eye!

Lainey dishes on RPattz's b'day party:
Started out as a small group, just RP and an older gentleman, Kristen Stewart, and his friend Sam Bradley but others arrived as the night progressed: Ashley Greene, Jamie Campbell Bower, Charlie Bewley were the other Twilight actors in attendance and several other non-famous folks toasted Pattinson’s 23rd. [blah, blah,'ll have to go to Lainey to read the rest; sometimes she isn't that nice, so I don't feel like repeating her.]
Lainey also gives deets on filming today:
Will I spoil it for you when I say they both had an early pick up this morning? Very early. Shooting Bella bedroom scenes. He goes through her photos and she cries and mopes some more when there are no photos. Also something about her opening her eyes and there he is beside her waiting for her to wake up. Pattinson is concurrently continuing green screen work with the other vampires. Winding down his stay in Vancouver.


  1. I've only seen his Mom once, on the Ellen show, I don't think that is her.

  2. Hi Kat! yes, i realize that it's not her -- i just recall rob's mom as being blond, youthful and pretty so i assumed it was her. :)

  3. that is not his mom, his mom is in the picture sitting next to kristen on the cab and across Kristen is the father of robert ... she is sitting between the parents of robert ... there are a pic of robert where the father is walking and leaving the restaurant back him

    see this pics=,0,12

  4. MAybe it is Rob's sister or aunt?

  5. Why does Lainey get 'the goods' when she so obviously mocks/hates Twilight?

    Also, this apparition thing is REALLY starting to annoy me. Bella hears his voice in the book but it's never actually there/him.

    So, if they're going to have an apparition of Robert be in the movie, the LEAST they could do is make it only appear when she SEES it.

    If Edward isn't actually THERE, we should not see him there, watching her sleep, 'waiting for her to wake up.' The apparition should ONLY exist when Bella is awake/seeing it b/c only she does . . . in her head.

  6. I wondered if that part--"waiting for her to wake up"--was at the end of New Moon, when they come back from Italy and she thinks he is a dream.

  7. Kiirsi,
    I think the part of "waiting for her to wake up" is from the part when they return to Italy and she wakes up after sleeping all day and he is there but she still thinks she is dreaming. They don't film the scenes in sequence so I think they are shooting all the bedrooms scenes "before/after" all at once. I hope they have a HOT kiss in that scene to showing how much Edward missed her :)

  8. Lainey's comments are so horrible. If words could smell hers would stink. She makes me think of a hyena...ew...

  9. She is quite nasty isn't she? That's what I love about your blog, you have morals - and we share a similar fascination ;) Keep up the brilliant job you're doing, you keep me occupied throughout the day at work.

  10. I didn't read anything mean in Lainey's post. *shrug*


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