May 1, 2009

Ashley Talks About Rob's Crazy Fan Experiences & RobSten Rumors

Chased down alleys by fans? That makes me cringe. Poor Rob!


  1. Wow poor guy, I know I'd like to meet him but I definitely wouldn't chase him down an alley. That's just going a big overboard.

  2. dude if you really think that chasing Rob down an alley will get you somewhere your wrong all you have to do is be like hey can i talk to you an if he says no then walk away. its not that big of a deal that he is out walking

  3. Dearest Crazies, Seriously?! I mean SERIOUSLY.. stop with the chasing. How you would feel if there were a group of high-pitched screaming girls or guys (just in case) running after you? What would you do? Stop and great them with a warm hug? Hell no, I would do the same and run, RUN for my dear life. Do you want them to become more unapproachable. Then continue to do what you are doing and YET AGAIN ruin it for everyone else. (and I am stepping off my soap box.)


  4. What the hell, crazy people. I can understand how one would lose all function when meeting Rob, but seriously...let the man breath. If your a true fan show him some respect and reel in the hormones. He may just talk to you more if you present yourself as a sane person.


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