May 21, 2009

Are you tempted to go to a Tractor-fest to see Kellan Lutz?

Emma from Twilight Treasury sends word that Kellan will be appearing at a small town near you. Maybe.

Dickinson Press reports that Kellan will be in Mott, North Dakota on Saturday, Aug. 22 during Tractor Fest, where he will greet fans, take photos and sign autographs. The article also gives some deets on Kellan's upbringing:

Lutz was born in Dickinson, then lived in a few different places, and moved to California when he was a teen to be closer to his family and acting opportunities.

Lutz is scheduled to appear in Mott pending any unforeseen scheduling conflicts, said Tractor Fest Committee member Deb Marthaller.

“His publicist said the last time he did an event somewhere in about the size of our community they drew 600 people,” she said. “We have signed a contract but there are a couple of points we want clarified before we send the contract back, but he is definitely booked.”

She would not say what it will cost to get him here.

Some residents are excited about the opportunity to meet the actor.

“I am really excited,” said Kelsey Friedt, a high schooler from Mott. “I own the movie and the books and love them.”

While Friedt said she and many others have college orientations that day, she will try to make it back to see Lutz.

“I’m going to try really hard, but I’m going to Grand Forks, so I don’t know,” Friedt said. “All of my friends are obsessed with ‘Twilight’ and we’re so excited.”

The actor’s aunt, Sandi Strommen from Dickinson, said Lutz is a nice guy.

“He really likes to talk and visit with people,” Strommen said. “ I know he’s pretty busy this summer so I don’t know how he’ll make it back.”

Strommen said she hasn’t seen all of Lutz’s movies, but says it’s “pretty cool” to be able to watch him.

Read the rest of the article here. Thanks, Emma!


  1. Awe! I love him a little more now. He's still going to small towns!? Bless him. I'd go to a tractor show to see him!

  2. My friends grew up very close to Dickinson. It must be something about the flatness of North Dakota to produce such hottness. Wow. Now that you mention it, he does look like a farm boy!

  3. Ha! This is fantastic. I live in North Dakota and I think this is the first time living in ND has worked out for me. That said, I'll be checking out attending this thing. I bet since it's a small town venue he'll be more apt to get in and mingle with people. Hehehe. You'd think I was 6 and not 26.

  4. Thats how I learned to drive, on my grandfathers tractor. I've since upgraded to a mini van. LOL.

    Their are so many of us who live in small towns that are constantly over looked. Their is a whole country of fans outside of L.A.

  5. why can't I live in North Dakota...Wisconsin is like always over looked by a lot of the tours and stuff...if only...I would force someone to go with little sister would go very willingly.


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