May 11, 2009

Alex Meraz is a New Addition to TwiTour Circuit

Normally, I don't bother blogging about Twilight conventions, only because this blog is run just by lil 'ol me, and I don't have the bandwidth to really keep up to speed on all those deets. However, this news is noteworthy!

Heartshapedglasses let me know that Alex Meraz will be attending a couple of Creation Entertainment's Twilight Conventions in the future:

We're happy to welcome ALEX MERAZ: (NEW MOON's Paul) to two of our tour dates: SAN FRANCISCO (February 12-14, 2010) and SEATTLE (January 15-17, 2010).
Learn more about future events here.


  1. Alex please come to the twicon in ATL

  2. O.K. I've always said: when the wolf pack starts doing conventions I'll have to attend. Alex can you talk Chaske in to coming along?

  3. Not that Alex isn't sexy enough to bring me to a con. But ya know - two wolves are better than one ;)

    TCA have you attended one of these cons yet?

  4. Oh yay you posted it =]

    Juju, Chaske is going to be at the Seattle TwiCon too! Just not the same day as Alex =\


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