April 24, 2009

Win a Role in Twilight via German Reality TV

German Twilighters first alerted me a couple of days ago that Til Schweiger (pictured above), a famous German actor seen in Inglorious Bastards, is gonna start a casting show for German television (RTL) in early June to find an actress for TWILIGHT!

Now Hollywood Reporter reports that a German reality show is offering a role in one of the Twilight sequels as a prize for its contestants:

COLOGNE, Germany (Hollywood Reporter) - The words "casting couch" spring to mind when you hear the concept of a new German reality show: 12 young actresses compete for a role in a Hollywood production.

But "Mission Hollywood" is no joke. The show, which premieres June 8 in primetime on leading German network RTL, features Til Schweiger, Germany's biggest star, and the prize -- a role in one of the "Twilight" sequels -- is enough to entice even the most skeptical would-be thespian.

Read the rest here.

And also read about it over at Noticine.com in Spanish, thanks to Lizzie of Cullen's Fan Club Mexico, or read about it in German, thanks to Anna!


  1. We have a contest in Sweden there we can win a role in New Moon and visit the cast!! :D


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