April 24, 2009

Will there be lots of Crazies hiding in trees tonight at Bella's House?

The Now reveals that shooting is gonna take place at Bella's pad tonight and talks about some of the fan-craziness going on around New Moon sets:
For security crews, it's a cat-and-mouse game keeping zealous fans from storming 'New Moon' film sets. To the chagrin of protectors, someone blurted the movie-shoot address on The Beat radio station last week. When the Now visited the scene Wednesday evening, a small group of people - mostly teen girls and women - gawked at the two-storey "house" and chatted with two non-uniformed security personnel.

One woman drove from Burnaby to get a look.

"I don't like going to the film sets when they're shooting," she said, "because there are too many crazies hiding in the trees and everywhere."

When filming starts in South Surrey, huge black screens will serve to block views of the action.

For security reasons, the Now has decided to not reveal the exact location of the film set. Even so, plugged-in fans will have little trouble finding the site through postings on Twitter and other social-networking websites.

Kilpatrick said she's surprised that so many women - as opposed to teen girls - are following the 'New Moon' action from site to site. Many of them stay connected using Twitter names dedicated to actor Pattinson, the "vampire" guy.

"Some of them keep the information (of set locations) secret - not out of respect but because they don't want anyone else going there," Kilpatrick said.
Dang. Read the rest here. [via New Moon Movie]


  1. There's more interviews on my site too.

  2. I think I've said this before but if I was in Vancouver I'd be trying to figure out what gym the wolf pack is utilizing.

  3. We can be the wolf pack water girls ;)

  4. LOL@Juju...Can I help to provide towels and water...amongst other things :)

  5. I hav ebeen to most sets and I have met a ton of fans and lemme tell you - there are some straight-up psycho crazies out there!

    WHICH is why I am avoiding Bella's House - I've been by - I may go by briefly at some point during filming but I don't like to be part of the problem and I know there's going to be some problems.... :(

  6. I think thats quite disheartning. Im just as crazy obsessed about Twilight as the next girl, but come on, climbing trees! I would think, if you really cared about the quality of the movie, you would do your best NOT to stress out the actors.

    But what the hell do I know? If I lived in Canada, anywhere near Vancouver, Id probablly lose my head altogether.

  7. yeah Bella's house set is near where I live and I went down there last night and you can't even see anything!! Its covered by these huge black screens and the scurity is really really tight!!
    But I'm not going to lose hope ;)

  8. hey puja or anybody can i get the location please i havent visited any sets yet and i wanted to see this one ... if i get any footage or pictures twicrack will be the first place i report.so please i live so close its just i dont have time to drive around and look i have to no the exact location

  9. I can't give you the exact info cuz then everyone else who reads this post will go to the set and i don;t want to be responsible for anyone getting in trouble or anything of that sort... and Saqibg23 this was my first set visit and i was driving around looking for it lol it was tough but i was really happy when i found it! But to help you and make you feel like how i felt... i'll give you a hint.... its in a small park on the border of Cloverdale and Surrey!! Good luck!!


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