April 12, 2009

Why I Won't Be Watching Alex Meraz on Telly Monday Night & The 8th Thing You Need to Know About Alex Meraz

Pillow Biters knows that I'm the half-hearted founder of the Shameless NPC, so she sent me a link to these pics of Alex Meraz from Here on Earth, and New Moon Movie reports that "We Shall Remain: American Experience", which Alex Meraz appears briefly in, will be airing on Monday night on PBS.

Why half-hearted you ask?

Awhile ago Celebuzz shared 7 Things You Need to Know About Alex Meraz, but they missed one big, big thing: Alex's wife is one of the sweetest, nicest people on the planet.

Recently I felt like crawling under a rock and dying when I learned that Alex Meraz's wife has seen my dinky blog. Moreover, she knows that I called her husband my new favorite Twilight DILF and thinks it's *amusing*. And, she didn't rip me another a-hole for posting all of these half-nekkid pics of her husband on my blog when she really could've.

So, while Alex Meraz is still my new favorite Twilight DILF (Sorry, I can't help it, Mrs. Meraz!), I have to put myself in Mrs. Meraz's shoes and think about how I would feel if all these people thought that my husband was hawt enough to plaster his photo across their websites and watching Here on Earth just to ogle my hubby.

Actually, I'd feel pretty good, I guess. ;-)

Thanks, bloggy buddy Pillow Biters! BTW, did you know that Pillow Biters has a new Rated Rawr forum? Check it out here.

P.S. If you are reading this Mrs. Meraz, a big thanks to you for sharing your husband with the TwiLoonies. :-)


  1. At the end of the day shes the one hes happily married to. I am sure she doesnt mind the pics to much.

  2. Thanks for the plug! :) Who else would I think of with this DILF pics of Alex? (apologies, Mrs. Meraz) It does look like a good show, purely for the historical content. ahem.

  3. CORRECTION: The Mon. PBS show is called "We Shall Remain: American Experience" & he plays a minor role as a warrior

    "here on earth"(pics. shown^^^) is an episode from:
    "Dancing with Spirit" Series 2-disc DVD
    which is available to purchase expensive but has a lot of other great stuff if you like dancing:


  4. A. Bravo! Great post. I was smiling the entire time I was reading.
    B. Mrs. Meraz is one lucky lady. I love that's shes read it.
    C. I have to concur he is definitely my favorite Twilight DILF. I can't help it. He's too hot not to think of those things.

  5. We must remember that she suggested he audition for 'New Moon' AFTER she saw the Twilight insanity, so let's hope she knows he loves her and isn't threatened by a bunch of women swooning over her husband. :)

    I do thank you, Mrs. Meraz, for being a huge fan of the series and talking your hubby into auditioning.

    My only question: WHY ISN'T HE SAM?????
    Or at least Quil or someone who'll have more screen time!! Too bad he looks "too old" to play Seth. Seth is one of my very favorite characters. :)

    I hope they show Paul in the movie more than I remember him in the books . . .

  6. his wife is ugly! don't be ashamed!

  7. i have to addmitt alex is a good looking guy.i wish he could play a more calmer role instead of paul. i'm really glad he's in the movie....:p

  8. No way to him playing amore calmer role, or any role other than Paul. I got to meet him on the 4th of July and he's totally Paul all the way!! I'm totally Team Paul! I do hope they give him more air time though!! Besides Taylor, he's the most popular Werewolve among the girlies! And I think his wife is gorgeous and they are SO cute together!

  9. Ha ha. yeah, his wife is really plain. I think he is way too hot for her. I wonder if they got married just because he knocked her up. It probably won't last.

  10. Mrs Meraz is one lucky lady, although from what I have read and pictures I have seen Mr Meraz is one lucky guy!!!! He's my favourite wolf! Can not wait to meet him - Im sure my hubby will be glad when I have too, I might stop going on about it lol!

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