April 24, 2009

What made RPattz elicit a 'Smutty Chortle'?

New Moon Movie has blogged about the Independent's insightful new interview with Robert Pattinson, where he talks about Little Ashes and Twilight:
Pattinson admits there is some comparison between Dali and Twilight's Cullen, who endures a similarly fraught affair with a teenage girl. "I think both of them were terrified. Especially Dali. He had so many sexual hang-ups. He was crippled by so many different things.

"If you read some of his early-life autobiography, it's horrible... the amount of mental anguish he has to go through, just to have any kind of even vaguely sexual relationship. It's really depressing what he's going through in his head. Dali had a massive fear of penetration – penetrating someone or being penetrated."

According to Pattinson, he sees playing Dali as a turning point in his career. "To not betray or insult someone's memory, it seemed a lot more important than other jobs I've done before," he says. "I definitely felt I had a lot of freedom when I was doing for various reasons." Still, how does he think the Twilight fans will react to his love scenes with Beltran? "I think girls" – at this point he can't stop himself from a smutty chortle – "almost really like watching something like that. From what I've read, people really get excited about that – it sounds really sexy!"

Read the entire article here. :-)


  1. It means he's up to no good...in his head of course;)

  2. Ooooh! I know that laugh. It's the deep throaty, he-he-he, laugh.

  3. Remember how Edward chortled every third paragraph in "Twilight"? Well, take that and smutize it...


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