April 5, 2009

Want a Pair of Twilight Chucks?

Sandira, an artist from London and a huge Twilight fan has hand-painted several pairs of Converse Chucks and is offering these unique pieces of art to the die-hard fashion conscience Twilighters out there!

Each shoe takes hours to hand-paint, and as a result no two pairs are the same. Sandira is taking orders by commission, and people can request their favorite quotes and choice of art on them. They are also available with red ribbon laces or Black & White chequered laces (to match Eclipse or Breaking Dawn!). If you'd like to order a pair, email Sandira at sandirareddy@gmail.com.


  1. I actually just bought a pair, not from the same person. I am still waiting for them to arrive but I am very excited. She does beautiful work. You can see some pictures here


  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!! They are sooooooooo cool! How much do they cost cause I'm only ten and I don't have much money but I'm still a huge twilight fan and I've read all the books 3 times!I'mcraxy!LOL! Also, do you take orders from teh UK? Cuz thats were I live!! Oh, and how long will you be selling them for cause I'm gonna take very long to save enough money. Thankyou and by the way you are amazing I don't know how you can paint all that!

  3. woah. Those are so gorgeous.

  4. HELP!!! How do I get a pair of the Twilight Converse from above? I tried emailing the address available but it won't go through...gotta have a pair!!! Size 5 1/2 US Womens!!!!!!

    Desperately Seeking Twilight Sneakers!!!

  5. sandirareddy@gmail.com

  6. Hey Guys,
    Im Sandira the artist that paints the Twilight Converse above. Thanks for your great comments :)
    You can also get more info on the custom chucks by going here: www.canvaswarriors.co.uk

  7. wow! Thats great artwork! I make custom Twilight chucks too!

    pls do check out mine. :)


  8. does anyone of you know how much cost the pair?
    thank you
    Giovi from Italy

  9. Canvaswarriors cost

    $140. US hightops

    $120. US lowtops

    plus shipping

  10. Hey Sandira the price of Canvaswarriors of Twilight that you post on May 1 it's in Euros or in U.S. dollars???

    responds to lilly_woira@hotmail.com pleaseeeeeeee

  11. where can i buy these shoes?????
    please must have!!!!

  12. www.canvaswarriors.co.uk

  13. OMG::::!!!!
    i sooo want a pair....
    i luv da saga... its like seriously da best.. i mean how could anyone live without it???
    anyone who hasnt read it yet::: READ IT NOW!!!


  14. Hi everyone! I'm Dr. Nanette and I am the artist behind alcat2021. It is an honor to be featured in this blog. The artwork shown at the top is not mine, but it is right to say that I am also hand painting Converse/ Chucks on order basis. I invite you all to see some of the designs I've made for some clients at my etsy shop.

  15. I want a pair...but I live in Italy..how can I do? size: 40 in italy..I don't which is in England...help me please...

  16. to me!! but i live in Italy!!


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