April 27, 2009

Victoria's Wig + Jackson Performing with his Faux-hawk on Video

RPattzNews shares a photo slideshow of the Swimming Pool set, including this behind the scenes photo of some production guy carrying Victoria's wig. See the whole slideshow here.

Thanks, Bonnie!


  1. nice....I liked the video...cool. watched another video of Peter talking about the "changing edward" scene. haha.

  2. Ooo that hair is scary looking!

    Dang Jackson is REALLY REALLY GOOD! His band rocks. Thanks for posting this. I hadn't had a chance to check out his music.

  3. Looks like one of the natives scalped her! Well, Edward beheads her, but all the same. Jackson, dude...your a good looking man, but you need to step away from the hair gel! Dang.

  4. Jackson, I love you, but that hair is just harsh. I didn't get any sound with that clip for some reason(??), but it looked like people were having fun. I <3 100 Monkeys.


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