April 7, 2009

Vancouver Sun Unleashes Hordes of TwiStalkers on "Super-secret" Forks High School Set

Vancouver Sun confirms that filming will take place at David Thompson Secondary today!
VANCOUVER — Twilight film crews were rolling cameras at David Thompson secondary in Vancouver Monday — and an insider tells The Vancouver Sun they'll be back again Tuesday.

Vampire fans were craning their necks to catch glimpses of the Twilight stars at the high school on East 55th Ave.

It's unclear which New Moon cast members were on location, but stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are currently filming the blockbuster sequel in Vancouver.


  1. Wow.
    That'll definitely effect filming.
    Yet - if I was local I too would probably try to steal a glimpse of Taylor and the rest of the wolf pack.

  2. Haha, yeah Kristen twittered two days ago that she "sensed David Thompson" in her future...guess she was giving a little hint there ;)

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  4. Emily,

    My sharing this information doesn't change anything now that it's been published by the major Vancouver newspaper and also shared on the radio by several Vancouver radio stations.

    When I first learned of the location several *days* ago, I did not share this detail on my blog and there is more that I haven't shared because it's not widely known.

    Now that this information is available to the general Vancouver public, my re-posting has no bearing on the uber-Set-Stalkers, who likely unearthed this information long ago, and were already determined to go...AND, most people reading this blog cannot even access Vancouver, so I don't see what additional harm has been done by re-posting this information.


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