April 12, 2009

Vancouver Day 1: Leave it to the Pros + Taylor Supposedly Smells Heavenly

Day 1

Don't Bring Your Husband Set-Stalking
How I Suck at Set-Stalking
Don't Try This at Home
How to Get a Muffin Top in 24 Hours

Yesterday, between meals with the inlaws, I somehow found myself suddenly *free* for 2 hours. Instead of working, what do I do? I decide to try my hand at set-stalking. However, I'm sorry to report that my first day was a fail, and I only managed to accomplish two things: 1) Met other TwiStalkers, and 2) made my husband (a.k.a. Mr. TwiCrack Addict) mad at me.

Mr. TCA was surprisingly game to indulge his wife's 'hobby' (Don't think I won't be re-paying him big-time somehow...I'm just scared to find out how), so we jumped in the car with a GPS and were good to go. First stop? David Thompson Secondary (a.k.a. New Forks High), where Plastic Edward and I run into two other happy sets of TwiStalkers within our first 5 minutes of arriving. Fun! :-)
Next, we find ourselves in the same 'hood as Maggie and Latrina, the lucky ladies from Minnesota who met KStew in a bathroom the other day, and we pop by to say hi. These ladies are *professionals*; they've been in town only for a few days yet have managed to meet both Kristen AND Taylor Lautner.
(Maggie with You-Know-Who)
Maggie wrote:
He was very sweet. He said "HI, I'm Taylor what's your name?" hand shake *shiver down spine*
"Maggie, we met in Minneapolis."
"yeah at the Hot Topic tour."
"Oh, at the signing?"
Daddy Lautner; " you didnt fly in from Mineapolis did you??"
"Umm, yeah i did actually."
Both; "wow" under breath

"would you mind if i took a picture with you?"
"sure, no problem"
"Is it gonna freak you out if i pll out my GIANT camera?"
laughs "no"
he squeezes in next to me, puts his hand on my lower back, which i copy, mmm sculpted back.
I say thank you, and give him a sideways hug while slyly inhaling his heavenly scent.
it was grand. I said a bunch more about how sweet he is but i dont remember all my blatherngs. Apparantly my brain shuts down when i meet famous people.
Maggie and Latrina offer to guide us around in the few moments I have before I turn into a pumpkin and have to go visit inlaws. Mr. TCA and I tail their car for no more than 5 minutes when the girls spy the same trailers they saw at another New Moon set parked on the side of the road in front of a [dude-oriented location] that seems to fit perfectly with what we know about the Saga. We stealthily park at an adjacent parking lot, and speculate as to what may be going on at [dude-oriented location], when I have the brilliant idea of using my Dude as an excuse to visit the [dude-oriented location].

Mr. TCA and I go into the [dude-oriented location] to pretend to browse, and see...NOTHING. By now, Mr. TCA thinks I am *nuts* and lets me know it on our walk of shame back to the car ("How is it that you have all these graduate degrees yet here you are trying to find Edward Cullen?" etc, etc, etc.). And I start to think I'm nuts too. After all, I'm a grown woman walking around with Plastic Edward in my purse.

So, I sheepishly say g'bye to the lovely Maggie and Latrina (*sniff*), and head home, only to live vicariously through their adventures.

Lesson of Day 1? Leave it up to the professionals. And don't bring your husband set-stalking.

The end. (Or is it? It's not over yet! 7 more days to go. hehe)

P.S. Did you know that the food in Vancouver is *amazing*? I can't stop eating.


  1. Good times! :D
    Bless Mr TCA - at least Pocket Edward had fun for the boys ;)

  2. Sorry you didn't have more luck. You know you'll never be able to make it another 7 days without trying again. Maybe you'll luck out and just be in the right place at the right time.
    When my hubby heard you were going to Vancouver, he said to tell you not to get arrested. Have fun for those of us living vicariously through you.

  3. Heh. I'm really not serious about trying to really find anything; I am not ambitious enough to go out of my way to do anything. :) It's just fun to ponder!

  4. Advanced degrees be damned - we're talking a chance to see (/possibly-meet!!) these guys in the flesh! Did you SEE those on-set pics?! YES. You did. No offense to Mr. TCA or the rest of the TCA fam, but I say ditch them for a day and stalk your little TCA butt off!! You are SO close...
    : )
    P.S. If we can all just have this experience vicariously through you, some of us might even forgive you for your 4/1 prank. Just sayin'.

  5. Lol sounds a bit like my experience of Vancouver last week!!lol...yes the food is amazing and the fact that there are so many hot guys in one city is even more amazing!!!!lmao

  6. What a wonderful tale.
    My hubby and I giggled at your story.
    I loved it.

  7. I love how Twilight has turned me in to a teenager again.
    My husband's considering making me a shirt that reads, "I'm in love with a teen wolf."

  8. Sorry you didn't see anything. I'm not sure if they're filming since it's the Easter long weekend but who knows.

    I'm from Vancouver and I did the same as you. I made my husband drive me to David Thompson on Friday and of course, there's no one there. He then looked at me like I was insane. Yeah, no husband when it comes to set stalking. If you need any info about the city email me at c_estrada@shaw.ca

    Oh and yes, the food in Vancouver is FANTASTIC!

  9. Auw great story :) I do hope you have more luck in the coming days!
    And if you do manage to bump into...let's say...Jackson, let him know that he's great :D
    Team Jasper!

  10. I rarely post on other blogs, but I have to speak up after reading this entry. I love your blog. I like your writing, what you write about and you crack me up!
    awesome story :)

  11. Awww I'm sorry TwiCrack, you'll do better next time. Tell Mr. TCA I said don't be so hard on you lol

  12. I realy *adore* Taylor... =) he's just 2 years older than me and he was born in the same day my best friend did.

    You're really lucky to be in Vancouver ;-)

    I send my regards (from Portugal) to you and Mr. TCA =)

  13. dam it! i so want to take a picture with talor lautner. i'm just bursting in jealously!

  14. I am laughing my head off at action figure Edward in front of the school sign! From one Twi-addicted married woman with multiple graduate degrees to another, I say "Ditch Mr. TCA and the in-laws and get your ass back over there woman!" We TwiCrack addicts have to stick together. I'd be joining you with my little Matchbox Volvo and Porsche 911 in my purse if I wasn't on the other side of the country right now. Love, love, love Vancouver!

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  16. Hahaha. I am SO glad I stumbled onto your blog. I was in Vancouver over the weekend and did the same exact thing. Went to D.T and I THINK that I saw KStew sitting in a big black Lexus SUV right outside the school by the playground, but the windows were tinted, and I have a history of wishful thinking...

  17. I went this weekend and was either a few hours too early (the bars - Rob was seen at the Oyster Bar a few hours after we drove by grrr....) or a few days too late (the high school.... no filming going on - but we did meet some fans who came up from Seattle for the day to stalk)

    We shared tidbits and gave them the 411 on the red barn - which they later went to and got some awesome photos, although there was no filming going on there....

    I need to bump into some of this cast - they are in my own back yard!!!!

  18. I really dont like that you keep referring to maggie and trina as "professional stalkers" its causing some serious hater issues and not to mention it gives us a HORRIBLE NAME!

    Professional stalkers are people who send their "object of affection" pipe bombs or commit suicide outside their homes...

    Maggie and Trina are sweet girls who had the time, money, and chance to go out to ATTEMPT to see the cast and have gotten really lucky (and I know because I'm good friends with them both)

  19. i would of so done the same thing.. im totally living vicariously through you esp.. that we have to be close in age... hahaha

  20. oldvampedsoul, i meant no offense -- i actually meant it in an admiring way! i met them in person, and they were great. much more savvy than me, that is all i meant.

  21. TwiCrackAddict - Me and a few girlfriends are going to Tuesdays Show.... I think you should identify yourself with the Rob Doll sitting on your table ;) I will come say hi

  22. There are four of us girls headed upthere this week to do the exact same thing. Even if we never see anything I know how beautiful Vancouver is. Keep us updated on the info so we can scope things out too! Love your blog, love the doll, love everything!!!!!!

  23. Is there anyone going to be in vancouver this weekend? I took off from work for a vacay and I want to fly out there but have no to go with! Maybe we could meet up at a resturant or bar or something! Can someone let me know? thanks!

  24. I enjoyed twilight saga. Can you imagine Edward and Jacob’s beautiful faces on an even bigger screen?? Imagine no more! You can experience it come June 30th as @Twilight announced via Twitter today that twilight Eclipse will be released on IMAX screens on it’s release date! cant wait for the eclipse movie.


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