April 18, 2009

Vancity Allie's Awesome Cullen House Cast BIRTHDAY PARTY PHOTOS!

In spite of all the recent RPattz sightings, he was decidedly here in Vancity a few hours ago!
Jasper has a New Hairdo! Likey?

Look, it's MaliciousMandy in the middle next to Peter. Hi! :-)
Bella & Rosalie are just gorgeous this time around!
I love the new contact lenses!OMG, Vancity Allie has photos of Movie Jasper, Movie Bella, etc. Gah!!! Their make-up looks *amazing* Go check them all out as well as Allie's awesome story!!


  1. AHHHHH!!!! OME OME OME OME!!!! :D

  2. Sorry, the hair on Jasper looks ridiculous! But he's still cute :)

  3. OMG
    I love the movie make-up! GREAT pics.

  4. Everytime I see new photos I feel (1) so sad I can't be there, but (2)even more stoked about the movie. Thank ya'll so much for the pics & clips. Surely I would go a little crazy, ok a lot, without the latest info!

  5. I have to say that I think Jackson is better looking without make-up, hair, etc.

    Peter, then Rosalie, then Alice would be the top three for most transformed by their hair, make-up...

    All are absolutely stunning and I am *SO* glad VanCityAllie was there to capture such amazing photos... I decided I was safer to go with video due to how shakey and excited I was... and even my video was very unsteady LOL

    Hopeing MeMy gets her video to me - her's is amazing :) I will share when she does....

    I so wish the cast was here forever, but my scheudle and lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me ;)

  6. Hi!! Is the firt time I post and really think is the last!! I am from another country but I am writing because I so the pictures Mandy posted at the Gossip Girl page gossip girl celebrity, dont know the link I google it.

    The think is that as you also do I really feel that this is wrong. they took photos of fans and put it on the pages. Has much I like to see your photos I really think that was steeling, they also say that you were cast crew, and we all know thats not true. So mandy or twicrack if you want as much I really like know stuff do it. Because if some of them enter the pages and see the photos maybe they will stop doing it.

  7. Hi I was wondering if you knew any exact adresses or close to them of
    either bellas house set or cullens house set or Jacobs shed set or the
    meadow or anywhere they are shooting today april 18 because I be been
    searching for so long I even went to David Thompson secondary but the
    were done shooting there so if you know any sets please can i bave
    them because I would really appreciate it. And if I get any videos or
    pictures I will for sure post them on your site

  8. I love Jasper's new hair do!! SO CUTE!!!!

  9. pls share the location of the shooting...tnx so much..my eadd is ladydld@Yahoo.com

  10. I just wanted to bring up the point that they might not have been filming the b-day party scenes. It could very well have been for the end of New Moon, where Bella asks for everyone's votes on wether or not to change her. I just wanna know why everyone thinks this might be the bday stuff?


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