April 20, 2009

Untitled Sports Movie Strikes Again: Pool Filming to Take Place This Week

Ooh, TwiCrack reader Wang left a comment that she saw some weird set action by a Vancouver pool yesterday -- Looks like RPattz won't be leaving town that soon! Wang wrote:
I think they are shooting the cliff dive next week. I accidentally drive by a pool this afternoon and saw a set of crews who are seting up some structures. I go and ask what movie it is for, and they reply "untitled sports movie"... what do you think?
I think you've hit the mega-jackpot, Wang!

corroborates Wang's suspicions:
And finally…what you’ve been waiting for all morning – new exclusive photos of Pattinson out and about on Sunday afternoon without that hat, giving you twi-hards the quivers over that famous hair. RP also worked out this weekend, perhaps getting ready and pumped for his water scenes.

My sources tell me exclusively he, Kristen, and Taylor are all back at work today shooting in the water. She goes under, sees his face, then gets yanked out.
See more photos of Rob walking around Vancouver on Sunday and story at Lainey.

Thanks for the Lainey alert, Twilight Treasury!


  1. Me, neither, I'm looking forward to this so much, and I'm gonna have to wait 7 mos tos see it!!

  2. Wang -- if you see this, e-mail me at pretty_inpink44@hotmail.com

    I have some goods for you!

  3. Rob looks so hot! His hair is perfect at that length! Im Twilight it got much to crazy and bufaunt-ish.

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