April 20, 2009

Twilight Cast Splits Up + Makes Appearances at 2 Different Shows Last Night

Erica reports that Ashley, Rachelle and Robert were at the 100 Monkeys Show last night, while Vancity Allie has blogged that Nikki, KStew & Taylor were at the Dills' show.

Erica writes me:
Just got home from the 100 monkeys concert - it was fantastic!! The opening bands took forever though, but finally Jackson and his buddies came onstage and they ROCKED!!! But what should I catch out of the corner of my eye, but FIRE red hair, and it was Rachelle!!! She was with Ashley Greene. So my friend and I ran down the aisle to where they were, but they were blocked by security. Didn't actually get to meet them, but I have a ton of pictures of the two girls and of Jackson. Another friend I was with actually got a picture with Rachelle. Rob was backstage and my friend's boyfriend got a photo and autograph for his daughter, so that was pretty cool. He only got to meet Rob because he was the bass player in one of the opening bands.

Also, Vancity Allie has a great story and photos from her night at Sage & the Dills' concert here, where she saw Nikki, Kristen & Taylor.
Thanks Erica and Twilight Times Jen.


  1. Way cool.
    Yum. Look how hot Taylor looks!

  2. You see that guy in the white t-shirt in the photos? I saw him at 100 monkeys last Tuesday too. Who is he? KStew's bro? Not sure...

  3. yes, he is Kristen's brother

  4. Does anyone think something is going on between Taylor and Sage? Any evidence??


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