April 15, 2009

Twilight Cast Shows Up 100 Monkeys Show in Vancouver Last Night

See more pap pics at Gossip Girls!


  1. Yea, pictures...now I want to hear your story...please, please share!

  2. how is the girl GLUED to Taylor?

  3. Taylor...*swoon*....AWESOME pictures!
    I too want to hear the story ;)

  4. GO MONKEYS GO.... *looks around a little bit biased feeling* But really I would love to hear your story as well.

  5. Please tell us your story!! :D


  6. Who is the girl hanging all over Taylor??? anyone know?

  7. Who is that girl hanging all over Taylor??????????

    He's mine!!! *angry*

    Awesome pics btw!

  8. awesome pics...Can't wait to read all about your night!

    Dear Taylor,
    Remember, I've offered you my "fangirl removal services". just give me the signal, the one we talked about...yep thats the one...the I'm-gonna-look-like-I-don't-care-that-she-has-an-anaconda-death-grip-around-my-neck-someone-please-get-her-off-me-signal.
    ...I'm on my way!

    me love you long time,

  9. That is not a fan girl with Taycob' that's Sage, Nikki's BFF from the group the 'The Dills' they have two shows in Vancouver this weekend, I wonder were Rob was?

  10. Will you please answer the question? Who is that girl hanging on Taylor Lautner? Inquiring minds...

  11. Yeah, not a fan, she's a friend, she was very protective of all of them.

    Also, as you can see from these photos, Nikki, Kristen, and Taylor had nothing to do with Maggie, and they sure weren't 'dancing with' them!

    This is the first time I've met Maggie, and I was thoroughly disappointed, she was very rude! I asked to borrow a sharpie for a second, and I couldn't believe the attitude she gave.

    Other than that, this was an amazing night, and I'm glad that the cast got to enjoy Jackson's band.

  12. god im so JEALOUS!!!
    why why why why why cant i live in vancouver, huh?
    rewatching teilight and re-reading the books and reading this blog should hold me off till NEW MOON comes out

    but i dotn think so

    thanks for teh timer
    it helps ease my pain..

  13. So I'm I getting this right. The girl hanging all over Taylor is Nikki's friend Sage? She is a musician as well? Does eveyone sing now days?

  14. Hey its me in one of the pics with Peter lol Didnt think I would end up on here lol Kinda funny

  15. i wanna f*ck jackson rathbone. Or Kristen stewart or nikki reed but im not l*sbian. theyre just awesome.


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