April 7, 2009

Thea Tweets: We're gonna see more Edward than in the Book!

Thea from ET has been busy tweeting.

I like more Rob, but keep the integrity of the book, Chris Weitz!


  1. Oh no.
    That's upsetting.
    That goes against the book.

  2. I'm hoping this is purely flashback stuff. You know, like when she hears his voice...maybe she'll "see" him too....that wouldn't be too bad. But, stay true to the book.

    Oh and dream sequences...

  3. I bet it wont ruin the book, everyone has said the script is amazing...and even this little info the girl from ET says it sounds amazing..plus Ashley Greene says it was like flittering images so I bet it will be fine...but all this little info just gets me excited for the movie...and its about 7 mo away..hahahh can nov get here now!

  4. seriously, everyone keeps saying stick to the book.. they are not gona make a whole movie with only bella and jacob!
    they added scenes with the nomads in twilight and it was awesome! im sure watever they do it will only help to expland the storY! i loved the book dont get me wrong guys but come on 2 hours of just bella and jacob on screen would not work.. HAVE FAITH

  5. I don't get everyone panicking about them making some changes....of course it won't be EXACTLY the same as the book.
    I am all for sticking to the book but I also think they will put Edward in totally legitimate parts, like when she "hears" him in dangerous situations, she will probably see him also. And I think it is a great idea, it is a movie after all, some things have to be seen for them to work. Yeah it is possible there will be some flash backs or dreams. I mean those parts last for just few seconds. I bet it won't change the anticipation of Edwards return.
    Just because there will be more of him in the movie it doesn't mean there will be too much of him.

  6. I actually liked the tweet under that one, about how awesome Rob is ;)

  7. now she has a tweet about Taylor...


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