April 8, 2009

Swoonworthy MTV Exclusive from RPattz's Dossier Magazine Photoshoot

MTV has an exclusive Dossier pic, as well as HQ versions of the others in their gallery.

Thanks, Dumay!!


  1. he's so James Deanish in this photo
    so hey MTV where's my Taylor spread?

  2. Did his arms get bigger?? oh mylanta and pearls!! *fans self*

  3. Holy Crap! I keep telling myself to remember my marriage vows and that I am old enough to be his baby mama....it's not working. Woah!

  4. Okay, the paramedics just left but I still don't feel a pulse yet.

    He's been working out a lot lately so I'm preparing myself for when he takes off his shirt at the bell tower in New Moon. I just know he's going to make me faint. He just seems to get better and better...I've never crushed on a celeb before so this is whole new territory for me. Thank goodness, I'm divorced because if I wasn't, I would be soon - haha!!!

  5. I have three words for ya'll. Dirty, Sexy, & Hot!

  6. Why is this an outtake??? I just don't get it.

  7. ahh when does this come outttttttt?!

  8. This has totally been my background pic on my computer for the last few days! He's so yummy!

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