April 20, 2009

THE Swimming Pool Set-Photos from MaliciousMandy

After getting a text-tip about steaming-pool filming activity from one of her BFFs, and then reading about New Moon pool filming on TwiCrack, Mandy put two and two together and found THE Swimming POOL, and has posted some pics on her livejournal:

Mandy writes:
MeMy and I decided to go check out the pool set that my girl Meg texted me about this morning.

It was clear they were filming and being on a fairly main road I am sure people will know the secret location soon.

I am guessing it's a one-day shoot, although I can't be certain.

There were tons of trailors, security, crew, cars, and of course the pool fence was blacked out and had Green Screens all around (to make it appear like Bella has just cliff jumped into the ocean? and then sees Edward's face? hmmmm.... what else COULD it be? exactly!! tee hee)
Visit Mandy's blog here to read the entire story and see more pics. Thanks again for the TwiCrack, Mandy!


  1. Mandy, thank you for the delicious twicrack. Any idea how tall that structure with the green screens on it was? Tough to tell from the shot. TCA, thank you for continuing to feed my addiction.

  2. I just can't wait for November! This is going to be great!

  3. inside the green fenced in area is the actual pool. it's just a regular outdoor pool. cant be more than 5-6 feet below the ground.

  4. I love it. Set stalkers ROCK.

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