April 18, 2009

Stella Gets Taylor's Autograph Last Night & Confirms that Taylor is a Sweetie :-)

The awesome Stella sent me her Cullen House story from last night, where she met Taylor!
So around 7:30 we showed up to the set of the Cullen house and there was probably alright about ten people there. We were hopefull that someone might stop to take pictures with us but with so many people even if we got waves we would be forever greatful (by the way we = me and my two sisters). So we park the car and walk down the street and not even 10 minutes later a van starts to pull up to the driveway and who get's out .... OMG it's Peter. We start saying Hi and someone asks if they can get a picture and he says okay just a couple I have to start. So I throw my camera at the first girl I see and head right on in there. The picture came out all blurry and she completely cut one of my sisters out of it but it was beyond great getting to hold onto him.

Just when I'm thinking that is going to be the complete highlight of my life for many years to come ... we see someone walking up the driveway of the house. I can't believe my eyes when I see Taylor. As soon as he spots how many people there are he quickly ducks behind a truck but to our great amazement he security guys saunters over about five minutes later and tells us that Taylor is here and that he will bring him over if we all promise not to take pictures. Of course everyone agreed. He came over and I actually got to talk to him.

It began with general introductions, Hi how are you? kind of things and then I was up at bat:
Me: So how do you like Vancouver?
Taylor: It's good, good ... a little chilly
a few other people ask questions and then
Taylor: So does anyone have anything they want me to sign?
Me: OH MY GOD PLEASE ... how long are you going to be here? My book is just in my car ... it's a half a block away I can run
Taylor: Oh I'll be here for a bit

So of course I send my sister Steph to do the running as she is by far the one that's in the best shape. She comes back completely exhausted and just as Taylor is finishing up his autographs he looks up and looks around and says: "Where?!? ... (looks right at me) Oh good you made it". I think I just about died. He is absolutely one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Even though there was about 40 fans there at the time he came over and patiently signed everything from camera's to shirts to paper bags from McDonalds. It will be a night I will never forget, I feel like it was all just a dream.
Thanks for sharing, Stella!!


  1. Oh that's a wonderful story.
    I love it.
    YAH Taylor!
    Sounds like such a sweetie

  2. Hi I was wondering if you knew any exact adresses or close to them of
    either bellas house set or cullens house set or Jacobs shed set or the
    meadow or anywhere they are shooting today april 18 because I be been
    searching for so long I even went to David Thompson secondary but the
    were done shooting there so if you know any sets please can i bave
    them because I would really appreciate it. And if I get any videos or
    pictures I will for sure post them on your site

  3. i like jacooooob n alice :D


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