April 3, 2009

For $48 Sparkle Like Book Edward, Not Movie Edward (heh)

According to 4tnz, customers have been going nuts for Armani's Micro-Fil Loose Powder in Link Light ever since the Twilight movie came out. Here is how Micro-fil loose powder is described:
Extremely light and fine, Micro-fil™ loose powder reduces shine and evens out your skin tone. The complexion is left natural and luminous. All skin types.
Read more about it at 4tnz, as well as 4tnz's list of rejected Twilight products, which includes Jacob Black Body Hair Growth Cream. Gross.

Thanks, Jordan & Pillow Biters!

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  1. Pattinson Greaser and poofinator? {Shivers} There's something kinda dirty sounding about it (then again, I usually can turn ANYTHING into something dirty)


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