April 9, 2009

Smoking Backlash? I just want to be that Cigarette...

Entertainmentwise reports that RPattz may be facing backlash for glamorizing smoking by lighting up in both the recent Dossier photoshoot, as well as the GQ spread. You can read the article and weigh in here.


  1. I think I would tackle Rob... for that cigarette.

    I have to admit I'm a bit surprised that they did take pics like this. He's the star of a movie whose main demographic are a bunch of tweens (and really awesome older chicks, apparently).

  2. Well, I'm no die-hard RP fan, and I find smoking a big turn-off. But even so, those photos of him are pretty HOT. These photos are edgier than usual for him and give him a whole different persona, a side so far from "Edward” that I wondered initially when I saw the images if it was completely intentional.

    These photos take him out of the whole TeenBeat heart throb arena and separate him a bit more from that younger fan / tween frenzy. I think any serious actor would want to be very careful about being type-cast that way, and these photos seem to speak directly to that concern.

    At least that’s my two cents…

  3. Rob is a smoker. I don't think it's glamorizing smoking. I think, as a photographer's point of view, they were going for a James Dean throw back. Rob does have that look about him.

    I think it's crazy for people to make such a big deal out of smoking. He's just a normal guy. It's not like he's selling cigerettes in a ice cream truck to little children. These photos were in magazines geared towards adults.

    But that's just my own opinion.

  4. he smokes like achimney--good luck taking a pic that's NOT him smokeing, lol! I think the media puts to much blame on outside influences for kids...we grew up watching our parents smoke, not strangers, & we turned out (mostly) ok. Raise your kids right, stop blaming others. The end.

    (*gets off soapbox*)

    Rob is super hot, smoking or not!

  5. Rob doesn't need the cig to look s-mokin'!

  6. Maybe it's my rebel side that was always drawn to the bad boys in high school, but whatever, this non-smoking 34 year old thinks he still looks hot. As for backlash, if he were 17, I could understand it....but he's not. He's an adult. Asking him to act like a "role model" in all aspects of life is beyond the scope of what should be expected of him - that is what parents are for, IMO.

  7. Rob's an adult. He smokes. If your kids are swayed so easily to start smoking maybe you should think about YOUR parenting skills. It's not his responsibility to worry about offending people he will probably never meet. People like this need to get over themselves & just shut it. UGH!

  8. Ugh other peoples kids I swear!!!

    So what he smokes! How many people in the world smoke?!? hmmm... Give me a break. I don't think he should have people jumping all over him because he was snapped by a photographer while he smoked, or posing for some bad a$$ photos while one in his hand or mouth.

    He's an adult. I agree that if he were underaged then yes I would be okay with some outrage. But he isn't.

    But I'm not saying anything that hasn't really been said above. I just find it ridiculous... The man is gorgeous! Who even really sees the darn fag in his hand anyways?! For me it was the last thing I noticed.

  9. people need to lighten up (no pun intended)

  10. He does a pretty good job in the role model realm anyway which I agree is not his purpose in life. He's done an amazing job of keeping his private life quiet until Nikki started trying to trophyize him he hadn't even been liked to any women.


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