April 21, 2009

Another Annoying E!Online Article: Since When Does Sharing a Cab Mean You're Shacking Up?

Why does E!Online keep running stories suggesting that Rob & Kristen are hooking up? True or not true, who cares? Here is the latest, spurred by sightings of Rob & Kristen sharing a taxi together:

We’re told that some suits were so intent on keeping Rob and Kristen separate that they will rarely be booked in the same hotel together, and the same goes for certain press tours. When possible, they have Nikki and Kristen go together and then Rob by himself.

When our Twi-stars are in the same city, the powers that be know where their cash cows are all the time. Apparently, files even exist of any Rob-Kristen shenanigans taking place.

“They keep files on anyone in their films, but they’ve have gone overboard with Twilight,” ‘fessed a trusty mole up north. “Any article mentioning Rob and Kristen’s is saved, because they need to know what info is out there, whether it’s true or not. That way if circumstances change…let’s just say it’s easier for damage control.”

Read the rest of this silliness here, or just don't. :-) Gosh, if I was accused of hooking up with everybody I've shared a cab with, I'd be in trouble...ridiculous.


  1. It's all for the sake of sensationalism. They want people to tune in and since Twilight is the hottest news in Hollywood, they are playing it up. Kristen and Nikki probably share the same hotel because they are best friends, not for any other reason.

  2. This is so funny because Nikki and Sage showed up to the same hotel about 5 minutes later! They simply rode in separate cabs.

  3. here's a link showing Nikki and Sage arriving at the same hotel http://dailyfill.com/photos/New-Moon-Cast-Turning-Into-Hopeless-Alcoholics/19867/#id=16

  4. Well, in my experiences with the Cast I have seen the following combos:


    and I am sure many more...

    ladies and gentleman - - it's a TAXI RIDE!


    and *IF* anyone is "shacking up" it is THEIR business.... if they want us to know - i am sure they will tell us... otherwise... let's not assume eh?


  5. Personally I think nothing is going on, its all bull created by tabloid magazines/gossip websites for profit. For the simple reason is that alot of young fans(hate to generalise) would love to see rob and kristen together.

    And as far as we still know kristen still has a boyfriend.

  6. Bleh. Sounds like bullpoop.

  7. The media is right a lot of the times actually. I believe there is more going on. I hope so! They're a sexy pair!


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