April 9, 2009

Sam Bradley Announces New Vancouver Gig: May 2nd Charity Concert

Sam Bradley blogs that in addition to his April 10th gig on Vancouver Island, he's got another Vancouver show coming up on May 2nd at Richard's on Richards:
Hello much appreciated readers

This is just going to be a quick message. I will be writing a longer message in a few days to tell you what I have been up to recently. I've been a busy bunny!

Now I have a show on April 10th on Vancouver ISLAND. If you would like to reserve tickets the number to call is 1 250 218 7991. Please keep in mind that if you are coming from the mainland that you have to get a FERRY across to the island. It will be a good show though! If you have friends on the island MAKE SURE THEY COME then leave the conversion up to me!

Now for anyone that does not have a boat or $10000000000000 and you can't make it to the island..... I'm going to let you in on a secret. I am planning my largest show yet on MAY 2nd. It will be a charity show. It will be in Vancouver. It will be at an amazing venue. It will be a Saturday. I need 800 people to be there! So tell everyone you know to keep that night free! I need this to be HUGE!

I will tell you more.

Oh and I'm Number 10 on the Canadian Myspace charts so THANK YOU for getting me there.... Help me climb higher x

Tickets available at www.ticketweb.ca. The concert is a charity show in honor of www.gewaproject.org.

Thanks for the tip, Marie-Claude!

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