April 20, 2009

Sage Denies Romantic Rivalries Among Twilight Cast

Radaronline.com has an exclusive interview with Sage, where she dishes on her Metropole concert and how the cast gets along:
"Rob, Nikki and Kristen all were dancing right up front to the side the whole time. It's just great when your friends support you," Sage tells RadarOnline exclusively.

The Twilight trio (naturally) posted for fan photos before returning to their hotel with Sage, where the group partied all night and listened to music.

"Everyone is best friends," Sage tells us, "the rumors about anyone not getting along aren't true, everyone likes each other and there aren't any romantic rivalries at all."
Read the rest here.

Pics of Rob & Kristen getting out of a cab at their hotel after The Dills' concert from Celebuzz.


  1. Wow, that shot makes me feel awkward for them - it must suck having paps giving you absolutely no privacy :(

  2. They do look sad in this pic.

  3. Lorabell is right. And as much as I enjoy seeing them out & about I'm wondering 'til when Rob will be smiling in front of the cameras. Kristen look a lot like's she's fed up already (I know I would be)!


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