April 20, 2009

Rumors, Schmumors: 'Breaking Dawn' Planning Already Underway?

TheWrap reports:
With the sequel to the blockbuster hit "New Moon" now filming in Vancouver and its sequel, "Eclipse," already deep in the planning stages, an individual close to the production has told TheWrap that work on the fourth and final in the series, "Breaking Dawn," will start in late spring 2010.

Summit Entertainment spokesman Paul Pflug declined to confirm or deny the report, saying only, "Summit has no comment on that rumor at this time."
Read the rest here.


  1. its true and or in the works then....lol

  2. I hope this "rumor" is true. like it wouldn't be Twilight if the whole series couldn't get done. Ya know?

  3. is that picture really supposed to be for Breaking Dawn or is that just KS holdin' a baby cousin or sonthin' like that?????

  4. I'm fairly positive that picture is from KS's movie The Messengers, but I could be wrong lol. It looks a lot like the boy who plays her little brother in the movie.

  5. Im so curious how they'll potray Bellas pregnancy, and birth. Im not one of those people who thinks it would be too dark to have Edward press his face to her stomach and bite. I say, the bloodier, the better. I hate gory movies, but that scene is vital. Bellas living off blood alone, she's literally full of human blood, and it spurts from her!

    Then, I've been wondering, how are they going to change Bella into a vampire? Whiten her skin? Blood red contacts? What about her body and face? It's suppsed to change to a stunningly beautiful woman.

    So many questions. Sorry. We still have to get through New Moon. Sheesh!

  6. This picture are so cute! ;*@~


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