April 27, 2009

Rob Spends the Weekend in LA

Hey, it's Brooke Shields!
Robert Pattinson slipped away from Vancouver this weekend for a quick break to LA. Returned back on Sunday night to continue working on New Moon. A few bedroom dream sequences are happening early this week. Then an interesting shoot later on. More details in the coming days.

As for his time in Los Angeles – he stayed relatively uncover, perhaps popping in to see a friend or two. Nikki Reed is his friend. Nikki’s in LA too. Here she is on a dog walk with friend Sage on Friday. At press time, no sign of Nikki on Saturday or Sunday. Have received many emails re: her super cute glasses. Nikki looks great in her glasses. Will post if I find out what brand.

Back to Rob - soon as he arrived back in Vancouver, he hooked up with Ashley Greene and Rachelle Lefevre at a pub for a few drinks to unwind.
See more pics at Lainey Gossip. Thanks, Sandra!


  1. Rob looks SOOOOOO yummy. SO F***ING excited for New Moon.

  2. Cool update.
    I wonder if Brooke Shields got an autograph ;-)

  3. *confused* nerdy 80s glasses are back in?

  4. Ok is the chick walking beside them oblivious to where she is? She's walking beside Brooke Shields and the hottest guy on the freaking planet...and she's just like where's the Exit?

    OMG...please. If Rob was anywhere NEAR me that close I'd be offering to carry his bags...or his backpack...or him.

  5. Heather S you are so funny and I'm right there with you!

  6. Hey, maybe he and Nikki spent the weekend 'in', since she wasn't seen all weekend... (don't mind me, I'm just perpetuating all of the speculation....)

  7. OMG, I totally agree with all of you. Look at Brooke Sheilds smile. She knows that she's walking next to the hottest man alive right now!
    Is that lady in step with them Robs agent. I always wondered who his agent was.

    On another note, has anyone else noticed that Rob seems to have cleaned up his personal look since all the hygein propeganda? I wonder if it bothered him more then he let on? Whatever, he looks sooooooooo freakin appetizing! YUM!

  8. Heather S ~ YESSSS girl, I'd be right there with you...."Help ya with your bags, sir?" LMAO!!!

    Christine~ whyyyyyyyy would you perpetuate?!?!? I don't need anymore visions of him shacking up w/ Miss Nikki!!!! lol!! :P


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