April 9, 2009

Pic of Robert Pattinson On Set Yesterday + Report that Taylor Lautner was there too

Just as Hush reported, RPattz was on set yesterday! Hush also followed up and said that Taylor Lautner was visiting too:
i was so excited about robert, i forgot to mention we saw taylor lautner too.. we were leaving and we heard these young girls screaming his name so we turned and looked around and yeah it was definitely taylor! i think he was just visiting the set because he was wearing his normal clothes and no wig.
Thanks, Hush! See pic at Twilight Gossip.


  1. Bless him, having to hide like he's in trouble... for being far too smexy! ;)
    I hope this is before costume - I need some "sex hair" for New Moon!

  2. i LOVE Taylor! Woo (:
    His hair better be smexy wen he gets it "cropped" in New Moon! I hope they jus use his own hair for wen its meant to be short in the movie :P ;);)


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