April 17, 2009

Robert Pattinson Greek Glamour: The Only Time I'll Ever Be In a Fashion Mag and Mentioned in the Same Breath as RPattz

Hermione sent me these scans from Greek Glamour, and if you check the second one out closely, you'll see that my blog is mentioned in the first column!
Can somebody who reads Greek tell me what this says? I'm scared. Here are some potential translations:

"I'm not a crazie like this kook TwiCrack Addict."


"I really think that Robert Pattinson is destined to fall in love with TwiCrack Addict."


UPDATE: ROBsessed (my personal source of all ROBcrack), who also got a shout-out in Greek Glamour, says it's a Rob Worship-type of article, and gives the following translation - phew! :-)

It begins with the big impact that Rob had in his last film. According to “confessions of twicrack addict” blog, we need to wait for about 231 days; 28 hours and 2 minutes for the release of “new moon” …if we manage to fly to New York.

It mentions about the madness that has come over women and young girls over Rob, and it mentions some links, or sites that people can read (enter ROBsessed) or see several trailers at youtube. In a few words, get more addicted and don’t miss a thing related to Rob.

It gives a brief intro about his first appearances as an actor, till the moment that he was rehearsing his role of Edward in the director’s bedroom with Kristen. Even though he was terrified at the audition, he was thrilled to be with Kristen, because he was been very impressed by her play at “into the wild”.



  1. Well that is just totally awesome! Congratulations!

  2. What does it say??? Are you sure it's negative?? Can someone translate?

  3. Sent you the translation, check your email :)

  4. Goz posted the translation at

  5. LOL, didn't see your update before I posted....

  6. It doesn't say that I'm Robert Pattinson's perfect mate? Dang...

  7. I was actually going to translate it as :TwiCrackAddict, Letters to Rob, Pillow Biters etc are all whack jobs but Gozde at ROBsessed is all kinds of awesome but I felt bad for you guys :))

  8. Congrats, Lady, you so deserve that shout out!

  9. Now I can say it: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It's awesome and you deserve it so much ;-)

    Thx for the translation ;-)

  10. u deserve this!! Pretty soon it will be a magazine we can understand, you watch!

  11. That is just amazing! Well done Mrs. TCA!

  12. it says:
    "according to the countdown at 'Confessions of a Twicrack addict' (twicrackaddict.blogspot.com/no, it's not my blog) we have to wait 231 days, 28 hours, 2 minutes and several seconds-luckily they're getting less and less-until (if we make a quick trip to NY) we can watch the sequel of the movie, titled "new Moon", exactly as in the book by Stephanie Meyer, on which it is based upon."


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