April 20, 2009

Peter Facinelli Balancing His Real Family and Being Kellan's Cullen Daddy (hehe)

Radaronline interviewed Peter Facinelli at Sunday's L.A. opening of the musical Back to Bacharach and David. They ask him what his daughters think of him sharing the big screen with vampire hunk Rob Pattinson. Watch it here.


  1. Isn't he wonderful? He sounds like he loves his Cullen family but he has his priorities in place with his real family. This interview makes me like him more.

  2. Great interview :) I was never really a fan of Peter's until this movie. He seems like a genuinely nice person :)
    Maybe it's just me, but... it seemed as if Jenny wanted to be somewhere else. Like she really didn't want to be standing there and had better things to do. I don't know... like I said maybe it's just me..


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