April 30, 2009

Peek-a-Boo! Taylor Pics I Missed Because I Need to Pay My Bills

Lainey Gossip featured more Taylor news today while I was being a peon at the office:
Sunday he and his dad hooked up for a friendly lunch with a girl he used to work with back in the Nickelodeon days. Vancouver is a major production hotspot right now! The girl was accompanied by her mother who is also her publicist. Needless to say, mom/publicist was hoping she could hitch a ride onto Taylor who now, as you know, has earned a very high profile.

This is why the four of them were walking around downtown that afternoon trying to attract attention, practically flailing their arms around until the paps were notified. And so they came. And then Taylor’s dad and no-name girl’s mom (what’s she called? no clue, don’t care) tried to get out of the way to encourage the two being shot together.

Don’t worry about drama. There is no drama. Selena is a Disney child. She knows the business, she understands how this business works. Taylor is learning too.

Because the next day, Monday, as soon as his photos with Selena dropped and made a huge splash, suddenly he was all camera shy. Not 24 hours before, he was walking around downtown Vancouver, happily promoting a friend (this girl has the makings of a new Shelfy Biel, non?) and the next day his dad and trainer are all pap-phobic and escaping.
See more pics of Taylor with this girl-i-can't-name and other photos of him camera-shy over at Lainey Gossip.

EDIT: Thanks to 4tnz, we now know that this chickadee is Victoria Justice. Read more at 4tnz.


  1. so hes not with selena hmm ..... ???

  2. She's Victoria Justice. She played a role in a popular show on Nick: Zoey 101 and also played roles in movies and in a few disney channel specials.

  3. Sheesh!! He's not with anyone!! Can't the poor guy hang out with girls without everyone assuming he's involved with them?!?!

  4. Awww... they look cute together too :)

  5. He's a complete hottie and I think he should live it up with as many pretty gals as he likes! :)
    Miss Justice is one lucky lady!

  6. You can really see his form in that blue shirt. He seriously bulked up. You know he has to be ripped when you can see his 8-pack through a t-shirt. Way to go, Taylor!

  7. they look like the same person on that 3rd pic maybe it's the background it's the same maybe from nickolodian event?

  8. Funny how these girls are beginning to flaunt to Taylor to get their photos taken. Hmm. Savy buisness girls.

  9. Taylor's a hottie (ome i can't believe i'm crushing on a 17yr old - i'm in my 20s lol). I think this Victoria chick is cuter for him - physically, they're better looking together, WAY better than him and Selena.. I'm just not a fan of Gomez.. she looks like a mouse and I cannot stand her acting.


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