April 17, 2009

Not in LA?: RPattz Sighted Again Tonight at New Cullen House

(Brie @ Jacob's House the other Day)
E!Online may have reported today that Rob was in LA earlier this week, but I got a 2nd tip that Rob is indeed here in Vancity.

Brie, who supplied me with my Precious Jacob's House fix (and who is by now known by name by the New Moon crew), just sent a quick Cullen House set update from a few hours ago -- no pics, but a second RPattz sighting!
Yeah, we left right before the rain really got going. We did see Peter Facinelli getting out of the suv, and then spotted Rob Pattinson in the next SUV that came up there. It was kinda cool, but it was getting dark, so pictures were nearly impossible from across the street where they kept us.
Thanks for the update, Brie!


  1. in van city! where are they filming? help! will be ever grateful!!!

  2. I'd better see cast members SOMEWHERE before I leave Vancouver!! I'm in Yaletown, jeeze!

  3. brie! hook it up and let's meet :)

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  5. Thank you Brie! :) And thank you TCA! :)

  6. had to check the article again before i really posted! it sounds like Rob was in L.A. on Monday. seems like plenty of time to go there and come back. McKenna

  7. Yeah the article was just to let people know where Rob was since many had wondered why he wasn't able to attend the 100 Monkeys show. Not that he was currently in L.A.

  8. in vancouver, would love it if someone could please give tip for where cullen house set is. i will share pics and vids. myrobertpattinson@gmail.com :) jen

  9. The day of the 100 Monkeys show he was filming in the forest/meadow. So he couldn't have been in LA. . . unless some fans lied.

  10. hey i was wondering if anyone could help me out with the location on the cullen house, i've been dying to see it.
    thanks :)

  11. He was in the forest (meadow) then not at the 100 monkeys show (TCA's newest post outlines, accurately the schedule from this week.)

    I was at the Cullen House last night and posted a few updates on my blog and am going to post video and pics this evening.

    Brie is right it was VERY dark and the photos were horrible, but my videos are ok (well one is ok with Kstew and Nikki saying hi...the other is horribly dark and the rain was so loud you can't even HEAR Rob saying hi to us)

    Hope to return tonight and will give full reports as always :P



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