April 6, 2009

Two New Little Ashes Clips

MTV has a couple of exclusive Little Ashes clips to share:
The first thing you notice is Rob's Italian Spanish accent. In clip number one, poet Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltrán) and filmmaker Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty) discuss their desire to "make a difference to the world." Spying Dali and his newly cleaned-up look, Bunuel says "The girls will go crazy," to which the future surrealist painter replies: "I expect so."

In clip number two, the relationship between Dali and García Lorca is clearly developing, much to Buñuel's chagrin. "Frederico is working on something now that will blow everything apart," explains Pattinson, taking drags from a cigarette. "What's it about?" Luis replies. "His family? Butterflies? God?"

"Me," Dali answers, ominously foreshadowing the rift that is to come. Set in 1922 and detailing the awakening of the 18-year-old Dali at university in Madrid, "Little Ashes" will open in limited release beginning May 8.
Check out the story at MTV.


  1. Dali is Spanish :) They goofed up and now fixed it on their site.

  2. Thanks, Gozde! I thought that sounded weird! :)

  3. i think that rob will be the next brilliant actor... his career reminds me of heath ledger's already (without the death of course!)


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