April 5, 2009

The New Forks High Uncovered

The Merc With A Mouth over at IMDB reports that New Moon may be filming at her school!

She writes that a movie is going to be filmed at her school, but it's being kept secret:
So far they have closed off half of the cafeteria and added giant blue pillars and they have changed the hallway lights into a light blue tint. I go to [XXX] in Vancouver BC, exactly where it says they are filming. Even more proof is that they are not telling any students what movie it is, which means they are trying to keep it secret.
(Photo of Merc With A Mouth's High School Cafeteria newly decorated with flags and Blue Pillars!)

Also, Merc With A Mouth shares that the crew has added round tables, and country flags in the cafeteria. However, the clincher is the Forks High paraphernalia she spied:
Anyways I have 100% proof they are filming New Moon here. There was a shirt that said "Forks High" that they put into the trophy case at the front, but when I saw, the crew member quickly hid it with a purple blanket and covered it up, then they locked the case. Its like they were... hiding something. lol.


  1. LMAO
    i know exactly where that school is!!
    i just graduated from that highschool last year!
    just went back to the school yesterday, they've already set up some cameras, ready to shoot for 3 days this coming week!!

  2. they've also announced it on the radio that it's being filmed there as well!! but they're only filming there during the evening

  3. oh man, that's awesome. Lucky you :) maybe you'll get to see some of the stars....!

  4. Damn you guys are so lucky ! We got HSM here but NOBODY CARES !!!

  5. munchkins604: hehe...can i ask you which school they're filming at? i have a couple of guesses but i could be wrong? =p

  6. hi does anybody no the exact location i would really appreciate it u could pls give to me i live in vancouver and i would luv just to drive by the set of new moon. if u like instead just pls email me @ saqib_0123@hotmail.com


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