April 30, 2009

Mrs. Meraz is a lucky lady

Alex posted a new photo of himself on his MySpace. Thanks for making my day, New Moon Movie!


  1. Could this man be any sexier?
    He's actually break taking.
    He's going to be an AMAZING Paul.

  2. oh gosh I meant "breath taking" but he does make me break as well ;)

  3. I love how you always refer to Mrs. Meraz. We are so sorry for salivating over your man.

  4. Pinky, it's b/c i know she has read my blog (she emailed me once), so i always feel guilty / sick blogging about her man. hehe.

  5. Shoot, if I were Mrs. Meraz I would be like "That's right, that's my man!" It must be wierd though having people you don't even know talk about how smokin' hot your husband is.

  6. TCA she emailed you once? Really! What did she say?

  7. That's really cool of you, TCA. Even if she didn't read the site, it's always nice to show respect.

    I wonder if she yells at him if he leaves his socks on the floor? Is it even possible to get angry with someone that hot, lol?

  8. LOL
    You've got a point there Pinky! :)

  9. Is it wrong of me to wish he was SAM?

    (No offense, Chaske. I'm sure you'll rock. I just don't see much of you around the interwebs. Maybe that's b/c TCA has a thing for Alex, ha ha!)


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