April 26, 2009

More Saturday ET New Moon Coverage

UPDATE: Better quality via New Moon Movie.

Thanks for the tip, Mary G! :-)


  1. Everyone check your local listings.. ET is on again during the night and you can probably record it then and get a better view.. it's about 15 minutes of showtime with Kristen Robert and Taylor

  2. OME. There is SO much of this that I need to see in HQ.

  3. Here's a better quality version: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x93jrd_et-new-moon-3_shortfilms

    it's awesome!!! =D

  4. Rob's working on new music for a soundtrack??!!!

    I wonder for what movie? 'Remember Me,' maybe? Or something he's not even involved with, otherwise?


  5. This was great coverage. I just love Kristen. You can see is her face when she is talking about the breakup scene how heartwrenching it will be. And Rob is so funny. This movie is going to be great.

  6. Thanks TWA for the fix--that was almost long enough to keep me going through the whole day. It is nice to see Rob is still smiling and joking around....love his laugh.

  7. I can not get enough of these. I adore every glimpse at the movie. Thank you TCA.

  8. Awesome, they got it wrong, on thr reaseon why Edward broke up with her, other than that, amazing thanks for posting it up!

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