April 2, 2009

More *Teeny-fied* Robert Pattinson Teenage Modeling Pics

After reading Cullen Boys', Cat's, & Ana Cristina's comments, I've made these pics teeny, but clicky if you dare! Read about these pics at Just Jared.

Thanks, Undercover TwiCrack Dealer! :-)


  1. I really think you needed to make these the tiny ones you make when it's going to cause damage to look at them. Bwhahahaha!

  2. OK these pictures actually disturb me almost as much as the infamous "Tuck 'n Yuck" pic from ROBsessed a few days ago!

  3. ok..
    this screams NAMBLA/Pedo-ville..
    My eyes are tainted now..
    *falls dead*
    ~~revive only if over 21~~


  4. I do feel like a pedophile every time i look at these, but hey me and rob are the same age=P Hes always been cute. And wow, just wow...look at powder over there blending with the wall.

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