April 22, 2009

More Faux-hawk Love: Nylon Magazine Interviews Jackson Rathbone

Nylon has a cute interview with Jackson:
His bandmates are old friends and actors as well, and he shares a house in Hollywood with two of them. "We call it the Monkey House," he jokes. "We all play all the instruments," he adds. "We call it the Monkey Switcharoo."

When asked about working with his Twilight castmates, he praises their talent, then adds, "Kristen and Rob are both very musically inclined, so we would have jam sessions. It was like the Cullen Family Band."
Read the rest here. [via Twilight Sisterhood]


  1. How cute. The Cullen Family Band. ;)

  2. I totally wish I were a fly on that wall!!!

  3. Why is there an argument of Jonas brother vs Rob when there really should be Jonas Brothers vs Cullen family.

    Battle of the bands!!!!

  4. Cullen Family Band Jam should *TOTALLY* be a special feature on the dvd :P

  5. awww I love Jackson...even with the hawk...he makes it hot! no doubt.

  6. yea, no matter what hi hair is like, he still oober cute....personality wise especially. totally sweet!


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