April 4, 2009

Midas Touch: Adaline's RPattz Encounter Results in 20,000 Blog Hits

The Vancouver Sun reports on how a chance encounter with Robert Pattinson changed the life of Vancouver indie artist Adaline:

Adaline, one of Canada's up n' coming indie-pop stars, ran into Twilight's Robert Pattinson — a.k.a. bloodsucker Edward Cullen — at a club in Vancouver.

She wrote about the experience on Twitter and MySpace, which was then posted to several Pattinson fan sites. In less than 24 hours, flocks of Twilight fans were checking out her MySpace page. How cool is that?

As a token of her appreciation, Adaline is now offering a free download of her single, Whiter/Straighter, from her delicious debut, Famous For Fire.

"Who would have ever thought that one small Twitter post would result in over 20,000 plays of my music and hundreds and hundreds of personal messages of encouragement!" she writes on her blog.

You can read about Adaline's RPattz ear-whispering encounter and the rest of the article here.

P.S. Wow, I really like Adaline's music!

P.P.S. Let's ponder The Economics of Robert Pattinson: People are making $ off of knowing / using Robert (e.g. Oscars, musician friends, pap sites, etc.), whether maliciously or not. He deserves some mad tips -- or at least a beer! ;-)


  1. I really liked her music too! She is talented and I am glad she got some recognition because of Rob :)

  2. i actually like her music too !! i'm trying to get the free download. where's that at??

  3. nevermind.. just found it.. there's a link in one of her blogs. lol

  4. I am really starting to feel sorry for Rob with all this fan harassment since he seems like a guy who needs personal quiet time. I think he needs to do what beautiful women have done for ages. Pick a mate and allow that mate to do the dirty work of discouraging unwanted attention. At the very least he needs a fake wife. Not a prostitute, a respectable woman who doesn't expect anything but her salary for warding off unwanted attention. That would give him the cover to find a real relationship.

  5. LMAO @ Constance's idea!

    I'd be willing, except my husband might get a little p---ed ... hehehe even so, it might be worth it ;)

  6. Is it just me or is this story a little annoying? She claims to have kept it all real when she met him but yet she went and told everyone about it anyway plus the newspaper. To me, it's not much different than all the girls pestering him for pics and then pasting them all over the internet--oh except for the fact that she is now getting a million hits on her MySpace. I find it annoying.


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