April 30, 2009

Eating Humble Pie for Breakfast: Michael Sheen is a Voracious Twitterer, and I owe him an apology

Mary G sent along a bunch of informative updates from Michael Sheen's Twitter, where Michael reveals that he's headed to Canada eventually and working his way through the Twilight Saga:
@michaelsheen sounds lovely. quick question on New Moon.. are you coming to Vancouver or only do Italy?
@m101349 vancouver.

@michaelsheen Hi Michael! What part of filming New Moon are you most looking forward to? New fan base? New actors to work with? Etc
@CamKayde Hmmm...not sure.Think I'm going to feel pretty old around all the young upstarts. I will try and scare them all with my red eyes.

@michaelsheenHave u read the Twilight Saga?Any ideas then how to bring Aro to life?:)
@Bella1840 Working my way through the books now

@michaelsheen ..your not in italy filming yet are you? R u excited?
@kellyprovence I am indeed. Excited that is as opposed to being in Italy.

@michaelsheen have you worked with any of the New Moon actors before?
@kellyprovence Not that I'm aware but met Robert at the Oscars
If you write to Michael, it's highly likely that he'll respond to you, unless you accuse him of being a faker, which is what I did before I realized what a prolific-Tweeter MS is:
@michaelsheen Michael Sheen, you seem far too preoccupied with New Moon to actually be Michael Sheen. Or are you truly that interested?
No response. Note to self: Nice job, you douchebag!

Dear Michael,

Not like you read my blog or anything, but I am SO sorry. After being fooled by one too many FakerAshleys & FauxKellans, my FauxTwitter-radar is broken.

I loved you in Frost/Nixon!


Sheepish TCA


  1. Ahhhh, poor TCA! You didn't mean it. I'm sure Michael forgives you.

  2. Don't feel bad TCA, There are so many ways to be tricked on the web. That's the downside of the internet (noone has to be honest or moral anymore) Who know's who is really who or telling the truth. I'm sure you will reconnect with him again. Love your blogs!!

  3. LOL! I wouldn't feel to bad about Twi. He knows how awesome you are.

  4. I wouldnt feel to bad. There are so many fakers out there it is always good to be careful.

  5. aww i wish u had asked me first before you made the boo-boo or headed over to twilight lexicon...lol

  6. heh. thanks everybody for making me feel better about being an a-hole. hehe.

    Gallifrey - I did this before I saw the Lexicon's post. I only really started using Twitter actively last week, and was Tweet-happy. i still don't fully understand how to use Twitter or what everything means. I need a tutorial.

  7. HA HA...I probably would have done the same thing!

  8. It's hard to know whats real these days. Coulda happened to any one of us ;)

  9. You cant trust anyone these days. I dont even attempt it. Im too naive.

  10. Is KC_Lutz315 and OfficialAshleyG the real Kellan and Ashley? I think they are but not certain.

  11. ^^^^^
    I sooo wanna know too!!

  12. lol- that is so something I would do

    "I loved you in frost/nixon!" LMAO!


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