April 18, 2009

MaliciousMandy's Cullen House Report

(Must listen carefully to hear RPattz's Hello!)

MaliciousMandy has blogged about her Cullen House adventures, and here are snippets of what she has to share about seeing KStew, Nikki, & RPatzz Thursday night:
After an hour there was finally some action.

KStews vehicle was backed into the long drive way out of sight.

When it came up I video taped and it was Nikki (Rosalie) and KStew (Bella)

They rolled down the window and waved and said hi...one of the girls shouted to her about loving her movie "13" (I had *no* idea Nikki co-wrote it!?! I love this girl more and more each day!!! 13 is an amazing movie!!!)

she said thanks...very excitedly.. All very sweet and kind...

I'm blogging from my crackberry but promise to upload the video by Friday Night.

Soon after a bearded twitchy man (I call him "Shush" since he frequently comes over to shush the tweenagers) talked to the cop (they always have at least one on site)

The police Officer came and lectured us on being quiet, disturbing the peace is an arrestable crime, neighbours were complaining... Etc

He wasn't a dink-he was just letting us *ahem tweens* know the rules and to shhhhhhush!

We "experienced" stalkers took his lecture as a sign.. That we'd soon have a *very* good reason to be loud...

Our suspicions were true and up came a vehicle...

Cop was still in my view, unbrellas were wavering but I video taped...


In back seat
Drove by
After he was *just* far enough away to not have pix taken (and not be heard on my effing video) he rolled window down just a smudge and said "hi guys"

His quiet voice but distinct accent had us all in awe.
Read the rest at MaliciousMandy's LiveJournal. Also, here are a couple of set photos from Brie:

(You can kinda see Peter Facinelli with his white make-up on here...)


  1. Ohhh It's sooo cooolll I can't waittt for New mooon

  2. I love that Nikki sounded excited when she said "Thank you!" I also love how when RPattz drove by and said hello everyone was all meek and quiet. Clearly "Shush" got his message across. Lol. Keep the excellent twicrack coming Mandy and TCA, it's much appreciated!

  3. hey im dying to know where is the cullen house could you email me please :)

  4. OME the volvo!! *_* I wonder how Peter and the Volvo mix in a scene, and BTW does anybody have a pic of the Cullen house? o_0 I'm guessing it's not the same as the Nike house... I'm curious to see which house is being used to replace it o.o!

  5. That's awesome. I love it. And a shot out to the nice cop.

  6. I wonder if they rebuilt that large house.

  7. Hi I was wondering if you knew any exact adresses or close to them of
    either bellas house set or cullens house set or Jacobs shed set or the
    meadow or anywhere they are shooting today april 18 because I be been
    searching for so long I even went to David Thompson secondary but the
    were done shooting there so if you know any sets please can i bave
    them because I would really appreciate it. And if I get any videos or
    pictures I will for sure post them on your site

  8. hi everyone..pls email me @ ladydld@yahoo.com the address/location of their shoot tomorrow..im dying to see the casts..been jealous for a month already to those who had the chance to meet them..thank u...


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