April 23, 2009

Forest Set Details: MaliciousMandy & MeMy Encounter a Real *WOLF* Last Night

I'm gonna rename my blog the Adventures of MaliciousMandy MandyLicious, because she keeps bringin' on the good TwiCrack! Look what she writes about finding the Forest filming location in her Livejournal:
We ask one gentleman if we can head "up" (up the street where the blinding film lights are obviously coming from - - hey - might as well ask - - JUST IN CASE!!! ;) ha ha)

So he says *excited* "I wouldn't, they are bringing a WOLF down"

*inner squeeeeee* I appear calm but holy moly I was ANYTHING but calm.... a wolf?!?!?

MeMy and I exchanged glances - we'd hit the jackpot!!!

We waited and watched as two trainers brought down the most beautiful, large, wolf.

I am no animal expert so I don't know what type of wolf it was but it was big, it was grey, with bits of white in it... it was stunning to see.
Read the rest here. Thanks, Mandy!


  1. That is SOOOOO cool.
    Wolves are amazing.
    I met one once at a wild animal refuge/rehab. He looked at me with the most knowing eyes.
    I'll never forget it.

  2. Grouse Mountain has a wolf habitat... this wolf left in a giant truck that said "Animals with Talent" or "talented Animals" or something so I imagine it's a trained movie wolf... either way it was HELLA cool!!

  3. which "forest" were you guys at late last night? hehe

  4. Wow i wonder if they're using the same wolves from Twilight... i kinda doubt it tho cuz the New Moon wolves are much bigger than the ones they showed in Twilight but i cant wait to see!!
    And Mandy i was just wondering if you knew if they were still shooting in West Van?? Also if you could tell me the area where they're doing all of the forest scenes.
    Much appreciated, Puja!

  5. I just hope they make Jacob 'russet.'


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