April 15, 2009

Maggie & Trina Met The *Entire* Twilight Cast Yesterday Except for RPattz -- and Partied with the Cast at 100 Monkeys

Maggie & Trina report:
Nikki, Kristen, and Taylor came back to the crowd to watch Jackson. We were fornt row center and they were off to the side near the back. I squirm through the crowd to say hi to them and we chat for a sec and then i go back to leave them alone. I look back and Trina tells them to come up front. She literaly pulls them through the crowd ,Kristen and Nikki come up and dance with us. After a while they show concern for Taylor and make him come up too lol. IT's HOT in here. por Taylor in his hoodie is dying. We are chatting it up the whole time, keep in mind. I tell Taylor the only reason i ever recognize him s that damn hood. he laughs and shakes his head out of the hood but will NOT take off his hoodie even when the girls literally tr to remove it fo him. lol They dance and party with us for the whole show. I can't belive this!! Best night ever. EVER. EVER.
Read the rest of their story at Twilight20somethings.

P.S. Maggie & Trina -- It was so great to meet you both! xoxo


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  2. Now I'm jealous!! *sigh*

    Can't wait to hear your update too!!

  3. any idea where they will be filming next for the ff days? i really want to see them..im fr vancouver but i haven't have a chance to meet the casts..tnx

  4. tca.. give me your story. .puh -leeze.....
    omg.. awesome, awesome and awesome..

  5. Wow..

    Now if they will just come to Chicago..*stomps foot*

  6. I was there too - - - no pics up yet but here is my blog


  7. *sigh*
    I'm SOO jealous!
    I want to meet Taylor.

  8. That is such bullshit. Like everyone in that room was dancing with them technically, I saw them there, they weren't chatting it up with them and dancing the night away, they were around them, as were my friends and I. Don't see me writing up like we were BFFs.

  9. Hooray I'm glad you finally got to see the stars!


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